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Everything you need to know about Wingsland S6 FPV Drone

Wingsland S6 FPV Drone Introduction

Wingsland has been on the limelight for somewhat a long time; thanks to their quality products. They manufacture top performing products, and the newest product, the Wingsland S6 FPV Drone is not an exception. It is designed with full customer satisfaction in mind, so expect to be stunned with its functionality.

Loaded with features, the S6 FPV is arguably the most advanced drone you’ll ever come across. Wingsland has upgraded nearly all of its features and specifications. This means it is much better and more powerful than its predecessors. The drone’s main purpose is to take photos and videos of friends.


What do you think makes this drone a must-have? Well, the answer is simple; the Wingsland S6 FPV drone is equipped with numerous features. Here are some features of this innovative device


Auto-follow Me Function

This unique feature allows the drone to be beside you like a spirit. It also allows the drone to shoot automatically. Expand all modes to improve auto-follow me aerial safety.

Search Light

The Search Light feature makes it a breeze to fly this drone at night and even send SOS signals.

Course Lock Mode

The S6 FPV drone can record the noise of itself when taking off; thanks to the course lock mode. When you activate this mode, the forward direction is set in that it is relative to record direction, regardless of how the position and orientation of the aircraft shifts. In other words, the course lock mode allows you to easily make flight direction control.

Home Lock Mode

Another mode, which helps you to easily pull back the aircraft no matter the direction it is facing.

Emoji Display

You can input abundant built-in emoji, personalized characters.

Bomb Bomb

The aircraft also boasts the bomb bomb feature that allows you to fill in 6 bullets simultaneously. Continuous and long distance shooting are available via APP.



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The Wingsland S6 FPV Drone has numerous features for peerless performance. And with outstanding performance, expect this aircraft to come with many advantages.

Safe flight

One thing most drones lack is flying safely. You try to fly your drone and before long, it hits an object and falls down. The good news is the S6 FPV drone features an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance that helps it avoid obstacles for safer flights.

Versatile App

The aircraft comes equipped with the App and Wi-Fi connection, so you can remotely control it via the gravity sensing, voice control, and virtual lever. You can also perfect your pilot skills by using the Flight Simulator in the App.

Stunning Aerial Photography

When is the last time you shot a brilliant photo with a drone? Wingsland S6 FPV features a 13 mega-pixel and 3-axis Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) camera that allows you to shoot stunning videos. The camera also supports time lapse, panning, auto following, slow motion, and flight path setting, among others.

Ultra Slim

At only 230 grams, this drone is highly portable. Moreover, it measures only 138-by-79-by-26.8 mm, so expect to have fun anytime, anywhere.


Wingsland S6 FPV Goggles

One drawback with the Wingsland S6 FPV Drone is that it does not come with the FPV (First Person View) goggles. Well, FPV goggles have grown in popularity, especially among quadcopters. They offer an immersive flying experience; thanks to their two little screens, which project images from the aircraft’s camera. By so doing this, they allow the “pilot” sitting on the ground to see the same thing the aircraft in the air is seeing.

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Pilots on the ground use them to avoid obstacles and ensure a safer flight; hence, it’s a good choice. Although the S6 does not have the goggles, it features an omnidirectional obstacle avoidance function that helps it sense and avoid obstacles. Therefore, the lack of FPV goggles should not be a big miss.


Different drones have different features, but the features of the Wingsland S6 FPV Drone are second to none. They make this aircraft effective and powerful. Also, there is the ultra-lightweight, modern design that ensures ultimate convenience. Since the S6 is brand new, expect a lot of changes and upgrades from Wingsland for 100-percent customer satisfaction. The drone comes with a charger, battery, manual, searchlight, and 4 spare propellers. It currently goes at $399.90 on Amazon.


Available on Amazon
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