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Amazing Features of the Parrot DISCO FPV Drone

Discover Parrot DISCO FPV Drone

Drones can really amaze you with what they are capable of doing. They are purposely made for search in inaccessible areas, video shooting, and photography. Drones make you immerse yourself in the cheaper flights and see the world in a different angle. Today, we are going to review the Parrot Disco FPV drone, exposing all its features.


Starting with design, the Parrot DISCO FPV drone comes with a unique design. It is a streamlined fix-wing drone with two wings, meaning its wings are fixed before flying and removed after the flight. Its propeller is located behind the body to provide an effective thrust to the drone. The propeller has two wings and is designed to collapse, for safety purposes when landing. Its camera is located at the front of the drone or we can simply say the camera is the head of the drone. This ensures a clear vision when flying.


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At the bottom of the body, we have a sonic sensor and a vision camera. At the top, there is a removable cover with a 2700mAh and 32GB of memory on board. The drone includes a micro USB port specifically for direct connections to PCs. The port is for content transfer and cannot be used for charging. The battery has its own charger that requires a wall outlet.

Speed and flying properties

Parrot DISCO FPV is designed to fly faster and longer. Remember, it is designed to fly through the air like an airplane. It boasts of speeds up to 50mph with a prolonged flying life of up to 45 minutes. Such a long stay on the air is not experienced in many drones.

Control and vision

Parrot FPV pack

Like other drones, the Parrot DISCO FPV uses WIFI technology for communication between the drone and the receiver. The drone comes with a sky controller 2 and FPV goggles/headset which is the ultimate choice for many. The most amazing fact about the Sky controller 2 is that it gives you the ability to attach a drone monitor screen which will be a smartphone or a tablet. So you can use this drone without the headset! For ultra-precise piloting, the sky controller 2 joy sticks along other buttons on either side.


The drone is fitted with a 3 axis image camera with 14Mpx to ensure quality videos and photos. The 3 axis image camera allows you to adjust and tilt the position of the lens at any angle.


Absolutely the deal sounds so good to be left out, what can lag you behind is its price. The drone goes for an estimated price of 1,300 US dollars.

Added features

The sky controller 2 hosts a secure and optimized WIFI connection that enables you to enjoy live video streaming on your smart phone through the FreeFlight Pro App. An added advantage of the Parrot DISCO FPV is that its spare parts are cheap and readily available.

What is included in the Parrot box

• Parrot DISCO fixed-wing drone
• USB cable
• High-capacity battery of 2700mAh
• Charger plus cable
• User guide
• A parrot Skycontroller 2
• Removable mount for smartphone or tablet
• Parrot Cockpitglasses
• 2 additional propeller blades
• A strap
• A smartphone drawer
• User guide

One of the disadvantages of this drone is that it does not have memory expansion option. So it’s you to ensure that it has free memory space before a flight.


Parrot DISCO FPV fixed-wing drone is designed to give the maximum of flying experience. Its features will definitely make you feel like you are actually flying. The drone is a good recommendation for pilots who need a high-speed probe with a longer stay on the air.


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