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Reasons for Purchasing the Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Drone

Introducing Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone

Simply, a drone is a small aircraft piloted by a remote control on the ground or autonomous computers on board. Before, if you could hear of drones, what came in your mind is a special aircraft for the military but today you can as well think of a small flying robot with remote control.

We are living in a world with an increasingly population of drones, because they are being produced for consumer use. Having the feature of remote control, it makes it possible and also simplifies many tasks. Precisely, the Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone is one of the outstanding drones in the market, let us discus why it could be your ultimate choice.

Incredible and unique design

Starting with the design, it is the biggest change in the Crusader GT2 compared to other drones. The reason being that the design affects the performance of the drone, a drone with a poor design will have trouble negotiating corners and maintaining a steady balance on the air. The Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone design is one-piece carbon fiber which decreases the motor arm width and also reduces the wind resistance.

Since wind resistance has been reduced greatly, the drone is able to maneuver on the air with ease and producing less sound. The GT2 rides on a convertible GoPro mount and a 90o rotation scope HS117. When it comes to mounting, this design does not involve too many screws and thus saves the time and the risk associated with the tiny screws and parts going missing. This design makes the drone light weight and mini size.


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We are now in the heart of the drone, specifications matter a lot since they expose the capabilities and performance of the GT2. We are going to look at the included features and those that were left out. Let’s start with the included ones:
700TVL Sony Camera
This a high definition camera with a 3.6mm lens. With a definition of 700TVL, it will produce relatively good photos and videos.

302X BLHeli-S HI-Speed ESC
The drone has a high escape speed of 3-4 seconds.

D-Link F3 Flight Controller + PDB
This controller combines the PDB and the FC into one small board. The main aim of doing this is to improvise its design to have capable speeds of up to 4000.

D-Silver 2205 2300KV Brushless Motors
The GT is fitted with these brushes which are specifically designed for racing. Looking at its 2300rpm, this signifies the ability of the drone. For a longer stay on the air, the motor can operate at temperatures of up to 90o .

SP3 3Way Switchable Power 40CH +Raceband Stackable Video Transmitter with OSD
It includes four switchable power options which operate as follows:
Short Press to Switch in between the Frequencies.
Press and hold for 2 seconds to Switch frequency band
Press and hold for 10 seconds will switch the Power

5 inch Propeller
This a relatively large propeller, it was made long to support the weight of the drone with ease and fight the gravitational force acting on the drone. They are 3 by 4.5 bullnose propellers.


On the other side, there are those features that were left out due to many factors like compatibility. Let’s have a look.

FPV Goggles or LCD Monitor

Controlling a drone using FPV goggles is much better than using FPV monitors in terms of vision. Unfortunately, there is no other alternative for this apart from controlling the drone when it is on your sight. Besides that, the drone includes a video transmitter with OSD (On Screen Display). Having in mind that the FPV goggles and monitors are the receivers of the waves transmitted by the video transmitter, the GT2 has the capability of including this feature. You can use any of these FPV receivers to match your needs.

Something I noticed about the GT2 is that its propellers are not protected, so they can easily be damaged if not well controlled.

HD Flight Recording Camera

A good flight recording camera will have an HD resolution of 1280 by 720. Diatone Crusader GT2 drone is missing this camera. Its 700TVL camera can as well do the flight recording but will not give you quality video.

6 Channel Receiver and Radio

It is not that essential because we have the flight controller and the stackable video transmitter.

Higher mAh battery

Some buyers will demand extremely long flights and the 1000mAh to 1800mAh battery will not suite them. The purpose of this battery is to power the motors and the camera while the drone is in action, so this battery power cannot be underestimated.

Diatone Crusader GT2 200 package include:

  • An assembled PNF GT2 Racing Multirotor kit
  •  One sticker kit
  • Two battery Straps
  • Four propellers

Considering its performance, we can say that its price is reasonable. Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone goes for roughly 280 dollars. Looking at its performance in the market, buyers find it more appropriate.

After a long discussion, we can now conclude and draw facts of the Diatone Crusader GT2 200 FPV Racing Drone. We now know the capabilities and limitations of the drone and for sure the capabilities overweight the limitations and purchasing the drone will not be something to regret.


Available on Amazon
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