Before you buy Syma X5SW FPV Drone

The Syma X5SW is the latest and most advanced model of Syma’s X5 series of toy-grade quadcopters. In this article, we are going to expose the Syma X5SW FPV Drone.

Syma X5SW FPV Drone

The Syma X5SW will give you the best results in a variety of air operations, from gaming to survey. Drones are essential tools in undertaking important projects. They are transforming the world with the incredible features they host.


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Starting with the design, the Syma X5SW is a quadcopter designed with all features of maneuvering in the air with ease. Its nylon plastic propellers are well protected a plastic framework that ensures safety. Heat is regulated using the heat vents on every arm. At the bottom of the mainframe are night-light, beautiful and colored lights.


The X5SW is almost similar to Syma X5SC and X5S. What differentiates it from the two is the FPV-enabled camera. The camera uses a WIFI antenna to broadcast FPV video. This drone is not meant for racing, the FPV feature makes it suitable for you to align and frame a shot.

First-Person View

The live FPV feed solves the problem of landing the quad first to view what you have recorded. The X5S does not store the recorded videos and photos on a mounted SD card. Instead, it stores them on the phone via the Syma FPV app. Considering that the video transmission can suffer from latency, this can be a disadvantage.


Syma X5SW is fitted with a with a 720P High-Definition camera with 2MP. It can as well take some descent videos and photos, so it’s nothing to shout about. This makes the drone to be legible for simple surveillance.


Syma X5SW runs on a 3.7V battery with 500mAh. For such a small drone, this battery power will be much useful. The battery has a charging time of 40-45 min until full.


If you are looking for a good looking transmitter, this won’t make a good one for you. However, it does its job well enough. It includes a small LCD screen at the bottom that displays information such as battery level. It uses a 2.4GHz WIFI to connect to the drone. The transmitter which is powered by 4 AA DC batteries comes with a phone clip that holds the phone which acts as an FPV screen. The transmitter has a control range of 50 meters.

Speed and flight time

The Syma X5SW suffers from short flight time, its flight time is approximately 4 minutes. This short flight time is because of the camera drains a lot of power transmitting its FPV feed. Also, the 500mAh battery contributes to the short flight time.


Syma X5SW is one of the cheapest toy-grade drones which is a quadcopter that features FPV. It goes for 60 dollars. Its price will definitely make you turn a blind eye to the drawbacks it suffers.


To summarize its shortcomings, it suffers from short transmission range, short flight time and wind bug (unable to fly against light winds).

If you are I need of a small simple drone maybe to inspect your roof or carry out similar tasks, the Syma X5SW will make a good choice for you.


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