Beginners Guide to FPV System Setup

FPV refers to First Person View which means that you are on the pilot’s seat in a drone or an aircraft. So, if you are a novice and are sitting on a pilot seat then everything for you will be damn confusing.

In order to avoid such confusion, it is recommended to refer this FPV system setup guide at least once before you actually get a chance to have FPV.

Components for FPV system setup

fpv system setup


We can see FPV kits being sold by vendors on internet. There’s no assurance regarding the quality of components in these kits. Most of the kits are made of cheap quality and are not even examined by the manufacturers.

These are fine in case you are going to put them on a drone that was developed using cheap components. Often due to these cheap components, drones get malfunctioned in the mid flight.

Following this guide, you won’t make any such mistakes.

FPV Cameras



FPV Cameras are similar to that of security cameras. While selecting an FPV Camera, one needs to be aware about its power requirements.

Choose the one with high input voltage range. This will offer you enough flexibility when wiring FPV system. Use the one that uses 5-15V input. You can easily use main flight battery.

FPV Camera from SONY 700TVL is preferred the most.


There is a need of a basic foam trainer before you begin to fly FPV. Line of Sight flying is used by almost every pilot whether they are experienced or inexperienced.

Experienced pilots must be willing to stick to the basics during the initial stages of flying. If you are comfortable with flying any other aircraft then this FPV is a perfect platform for you.

Video Receiver

Video Receiver accepts the camera’s feed and send it to your goggles or screen. The video frequency depends on the selected ones for the video feed as well as the environment in which you fly.

Recommended: Eachine 5.8G 32CH Wireless Audio Video AV FPV Receiver RC832 RC840

Video Transmitter

FPV Camera is connected to Video transmitter and this transmitter takes the signal from camera and then sends it through the antenna. This is known as transmit arena and can rotate in all directions.

Recommended: Eachine ET600R 5.8G 40CH 600mW Mini AV FPV Transmitter with RaceBand


Signals from transmitter are sent to the Omni-directional antenna and then this antenna sends the signals in all directions. Video transmitters are designed in such a way that it can be used with various frequency brands at once.

Antennas that come with FPV transmitters must be immediately upgraded to circular polarized antenna before they take off their FPV flight. Generally, these are of four different types:

– Linear Polarized Omni directional antenna

– Directional Antenna

– Circular Polarized Omni directional antenna

– Polarized Directional Attendance.

For beginners, Circular polarized antennas are recommended. Start experimenting with different antenna combinations until you get proper experience.

LCD Screen/Goggles/SmartPhone/Tablet

Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles


When it comes to accessories such as Goggles or Monitor then the choice is entirely that of the pilot. Some love Goggles while others opt for monitor which can be used when pilots are seated in front of a nice ground station.

Most people prefer smaller LCD monitor platform of only 6 to 12 inches. Smartphones are attached to the radio transmitter. Goggles are costly and hence not everyone can afford it.

Some of the FPV monitors and Goggles have built in video Receivers. Selecting such monitor can help you to refrain from purchasing extra video receivers. On the other handle, it also comes with Video transmitter.

Fat Shark Dominator V3 FPV Goggles are just worth their price tags

It is very easy to install FPV system and this guide will completely help you for the same. So, next time before purchasing any kind of FPV components; do let us know so that we can suggest you the best one.

Be ready to install FPV system setup on your drone or quadcopter and at any point of time if you find it difficult, get back to this guide. With sheer confidence; just enjoy racing a drone in the sky.

Hope, this guide was useful to you. We will definitely be back with our more such guides so as to make drone racing easy for you.

However if you want to skip the setup go straight to the list of recommended FPV drones, systems, goggles…

  • ARRIS X-Speed 250 FPV Racing Drone
  • Walkera Runner 250 Racing Drone
  • DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter w/ FPV Bundle
  • HobbyKing TBS Vendetta 240 Racing Quad
  • Xiaomi Mi Drone FPV
  • Eachine CMOS 700TVL FPV Camera + Transmitter
  • FatShark Dominator HD V3
  • RC Logger FPV Goggles

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